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Proliferation of Riba based Loans: Don’t be a product of Prophecy.

Going down memory lane it is obvious that riba based loans has been with us from time immemorial. In recent decades getting access to loan is only possible via the major banks and financial institutions, which in most cases offer loans to big corporations. Besides, for individuals, the processes are so tedious that not many… Read More »

Zakat on agricultural products.

Introduction. In recent times the agricultural sector has witnessed an increased attention by the government. Many people are now exploring the potentials that are inherent in the agricultural sector. The government has increased financial support to the sector with the approval of 1 Billion Dollars for agriculture by the council of state of the federal… Read More »

Islamic Economic System: The building blocks.

The Worldview. Every being, society or system is dominated by its own worldview which is based on a set of implicit or explicit assumptions about the origin of the universe and the nature of human life. Hence, the worldview is “the nature of man’s reflections on almost any subject”.  A world view is a mental… Read More »