olive-storesOlive Store deals in the sales of baby and children wares. We developed the business case for this client and assisted the company in raising the funds to start the business. We financed the business using the concept of Murabahah – cost plus. Whereby purchased the stock items and sold back to the client at a mark-up price and the repayment was spread over 2 years period.


Alhuda construction is a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) construction firm that help low and middle income earners build houses, aside from construction they also sell cement which is one of the major components for building. Prior to our partnership with Alhuda the company sells barely 50 bags of cement weekly, after we deployed our team to evaluate the company we injected some funds and signed a musharaka agreement with the company now they are turning in sales of over 200 bags weekly with the potentials to grow to over a thousand in a short while.


Crest Chickens is a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) that deals in the sales of processed and packaged chickens. We conducted an analysis and evaluation of the company leading to the injection of funds and execution of a musharaka agreement with the company. Our intervention as doubled the weekly sales proceeds of the company with the potentials to do better in the coming months.

Fish Production: We have a couple of SME in the fish production value-chain from feed production to raw materials and the actual grow out of fish. What are doing in this space is to help the various players in this sector with the adequate funds required for their business. We typical sign a Murabahah (cost plus) agreement with the SME, help them purchase the raw material that is required for their business and they pay us back over an agreed period.

School Financing: There are so many schools looking for funding to expand their operations such build new class room, buy equipment, school bus among others. What we do in this space is to help the school finance the purchase of the required asset by executing a Murabaha (cost plus) contract and they pay-back the funds over a period of time at the beginning of term. We also make the repayment easy and spread it over a long period of time considering the nature school business.

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